General terms and conditions of business

This is a translation to to enhance your understanding. In case of doubt the German version shall prevail. The contract language is German.
§1 Scope
(1) These Terms and Conditions govern contracts for the rental of guest rooms to the guesthouse for accommodation and all other goods and services the guesthouse for the guest.
(2) Terms and Conditions of the Guest shall only apply if this has been expressly agreed in writing.

§2 Conclusion of contract and contractor
(1) The contract is concluded by acceptance of the application by the existence of the score guesthouse . The guesthouse can confirm the contract in writing or by e-mail.
(2) The contracting parties are guesthouse Düchting, owner Cornelia Düchting, Harenburg 48, D-44869 Bochum, Germany and the guest.
(3) Has ordered a guest to a third party, he shall be liable towards the guesthouse together with the guest jointly and severally liable for all obligations under the contract.

§3 Services
(1) The customer is obliged to pay the applicable or agreed for rooms provided and for other services used by him in the guest house prices. This also applies caused by the guest services and expenses of the pension to a third party. The agreed prices include sales or value added tax.
(2) The guesthouse is authorized to require in the contract or after a reasonable advance payment or security deposit. The amount of the advance payment and its due date may be agreed in writing in the contract. The pension is also entitled to accrued during the stay of the guest claims by issuing an interim statement at any time as due and to demand immediate payment.
(3) the pension bills are – unless otherwise agreed – within 10 days from receipt of the invoice due and payable in full. An invoice is valid for 3 days from dispatch as received at the inn, except where earlier by the guesthouse or later access by the guest can be detected at the latest.
(4) The guesthouse is authorized to make accumulating accounts receivable payable at any time and require immediate payment. If payment is delayed, the guesthouse is authorized to charge consumers to charge default interest of 5% above the base rate of the ECB. Business transactions, the default interest rate is 8% above the base rate of the ECB. The guesthouse to prove a higher damage.
(5) For each reminder after default occurs, the guesthouse may impose a fine of € 5. Demonstrate lower costs is up to the guest.
(6) The lower and re-leasing of rooms and their use for purposes other than accommodation serving purposes, require the prior approval of the guesthouse.

§4 Cancellation score
(1) The guesthouse grants the Guest the right to withdraw any timely. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the score guesthouse is entitled to an adequate compensation.
(2) The guesthouse may make to the guest instead of a specifically calculated a cancellation fee compensation claims. Demonstrate lower costs is up to the guest.
1) 4 weeks before the start of the contract 20 % of the agreed price;
2) 2 weeks before the start of the contract 50 % of the agreed price;
3) 1 week prior to commencement of the contract 80 % of the agreed price;
4) no show without notification 100% of the tour price.
(3) Unless the guesthouse calculates the damage specifically, the amount of compensation is the amount of the agreed price for the service or benefit obligations less the value of any savings from the pension expenses, and of what the guesthouse by other uses of the performance acquires.

§5 Withdrawal of pension
(1) The guesthouse is authorized to withdraw from extremely justifiable cause the contract, for example if
1) force majeure or any other condition beyond the guesthouse of circumstances render performance of the contract impossible;
2) Pension benefits with misleading or false information regarding material facts, such as be booked in the person of the guest or the purpose;
3) the guesthouse has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the guesthouse’s services might jeopardize the smooth operation, security or the reputation of the guesthouse in public, without this being attributable to the management or organization of the guesthouse;
4) a violation of §3, paragraph 5 is present.
(2) If in case of cancellation §5 paragraph 1 consist of a claim for damages against the host guesthouse, the guesthouse may demand a lump sum.

§6 Room Availability , Delivery and Return
(1) The guest has no right to be provided specific rooms, unless the guesthouse has confirmed in writing that certain rooms.
(2) Reserved rooms are available for guests from 15:00 clock on the agreed day of arrival. The guest has no right to earlier availability.
(3) Booked rooms shall be taken by the guest till 18:00 clock the agreed arrival day to complete. Unless a later arrival time was agreed that the guesthouse has the right to assign rooms booked later than 18:00 clock otherwise, without the guest can claim any compensation. The guesthouse is so far to the right of withdrawal.
(4) On the agreed day of departure shall be made in the guesthouse room of the vacated at 10:00 clock the latest. Then the guesthouse can provide you with the resulting addition to damages for the additional use of the room until 18:00 clock 70 % of the accommodation price will be charged, from 18:00 clock 100 % of the full applicable accommodation price. The detection of minor damage is up to the guest.

§7 Non smoking – guesthouse
(1) The guesthouse Düchting is a Non smoking – guesthouse. Smoking inside the guesthouse, particularly in the guest rooms is not permitted. In the event of an infringement, the guesthouse has the right to demand compensation claims such as separately expended cleaning costs and lost revenue from a non- rental of the room by the guest.

§8 contract language
(1) The contract language is German.

§9 Final Provisions
(1) Changes or additions to the contract or these terms and conditions shall be effective only in writing. Unilateral amendments and supplements by the guest are ineffective.
(2) German law applies. The application of the UN Sales Convention and the Conflict Law are precluded.